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Flash FLV Video Support on YourUpload

Posted: Oct 18, 2017 by YourUpload

Flash has become increasingly harder to support in the evolving HTML5 web.

Unfortunately FLV streaming was at the core of YourUpload and much of our content is still formatted this way.

In the future moving forward, we urge our users to only upload MP4 files to make life easier for end users. All of our players are HTML5 compatible and work great with the latest technologies.

We do our best to keep existing support however we cannot control the browser and mobile environment and must adapt our service to continue providing the best quality.

Currently we are using VideoJS to provide player support on YourUpload (there is another article exclusively about this change). It has minimal flash player support. It will play the videos that still exist on our system however Seeking is no longer supported. This is also due to OOSE our CDN provider no longer supporting the FLV and MP4 plugins that allowed the servers to handle seeking the videos to the proper time.

There will be a transition period to deal with the support changes that have been presented by the changing web. However the question now comes for YourUpload users. Shall we convert existing videos to MP4 or leave well enough alone?

Version 4.0.0