YU is back! Video embeds, and Ultra fast streaming FREE!

Who are we

YourUpload is a free file hosting service designed around simplicity, reliability and a simple user interface.

Our primary focus over the initial 4 years of YourUpload has been the backend and delivering a solid and reliable service and without going deep into the history, our current latest and greatest platform is a spectacle and has cut our issues down to almost nothing.

YourUpload 3 runs 100% on Javascript, pure browser Javascript on the front end and Node.js for the backend operations

Moving forward, YourUpload is going to put on a much more public face as we work towards removing our beta tag and officially starting to attack markets and improve functionality both for importing and exporting content.

YourUpload Version 3.5 Has Been Released!!!

For more, please read our blog titled: Yourupload 3.5 Released! on yourupload.com

Why is it free?

We offer free accounts for everyone that wishes to sign up and with your free account you can upload and share content with anyone. Our focus is on our users and quick and reliable service.

Free accounts are offered as a gift to all our new members and all you have to do to keep your accounts is come back and use us.

Version 4.0.0