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Content Policy Changes 2018

Posted: Mar 29, 2018 by YourUpload

In 2018 YourUpload will be bringing policy changes to how long we hold content and ultimately how users experience our service.

We understand that the last 12 months have been a difficult experience and we have went through a lot of changes. However, I dont believe the problems will continue and I believe the following changes are for the best. YourUpload will be and continue to be the best site to share videos and files on the internet.

It came time to think about how our users interact with the site and where the most "reward" is. YourUpload is a very generic platform and also a free service these two items make monetizing our bandwidth and keeping our servers online a challenge. Being a generic platform YourUpload delivers different experience to a variety of clients and consumers alike.

In our opinion it is most important to focus on the new content, new users and overall relevant usage of the site. With this in mind, YourUpload will be limiting content retention to the following standards.

  • Streaming content will be kept for 120 days after no activity.
  • Non streaming content will be kept for 60 days after no activity.

We will also be changing upload limitations to ensure constant systems availability:

  • New streaming content will be trans coded by our systems to ensure quality.
  • Upload file size on streaming content will be unlimited.
  • Upload file size on non streaming content will be limited to 1GB.

Furthermore, we will be changing our streaming file types to a more limited subset:

  • Audio: MP3,AAC,Ogg,WebM,WAC
  • Video: MP4, WebM, Ogg
  • Docs: text/*

Finally we will be REMOVING ALL DOWNLOAD RATE LIMITS to focus on exporting content over retaining it!

To facilitate the content expiration process we will begin by expelling all streaming content that has not been accessed since 12-31-2016. Once that process is complete activity timers that have been installed will begin cleaning up older content.

Thank you to everyone who supports YourUpload and we look forward to your continued support in 2018!

UPDATE We are going to begin enforcing the stated content retention policy in its complicity on 4-15-2018. Thank you for your cooperation.

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