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Changing YourUpload for the Better in 2021

Posted: Apr 03, 2021 by YourUpload

YourUpload for the Better

Hello YourUpload User,

It has been a rough couple years for the whole world, us included. YourUpload does wish the updates and everything would have came sooner but instead they had to wait until we finished some much needed coding, rest, and recovery. In the coming months, YourUpload is undertaking a new mission to be a better streaming provider and focus our mission on serving the video hosting industry.

What does this mean? A few major changes are coming to YourUpload that are listed below:

Beginning May 1st 2021

  • Only Videos, Images, and Text may be uploaded (existing files will remain).
  • Change from yourupload.com to yourupload.co
  • Inactive content will be removed after 45 days of inactivity.
  • Inactive accounts will be removed after 6 months of inactivity.
  • Notices will be sent out of inactive content removals.
  • Email notifications more often about our activity.
  • Revenue sharing for Streaming (apply at [email protected])
  • Notifications of DMCA removal, abuse warnings
  • Invalid content will be removed from the File Manager. (Invalid content means the file exists in the file manager but not our storage systems.)

This biggest change here is that YourUpload will no longer be an all purpose file manager. YourUpload is now going to support Video, Image and Text. We are remaining free and open to the public.

YourUpload has changed domain names from yourupload.com to yourupload.co this change is a formality and is an effort to rebuild our domain reputation moving forward.

What to do with the rest of your files?

Please see our partner service BurstCloud (www.burstcloud.co) they have great free accounts that support all file types. BurstCloud also has paid accounts that can do just about anything you want with your data.

Inactive Account Notice

Inactive accounts are a problem for YourUpload because we are working for nothing. Consider this message your first notification that accounts that have been inactive for more than 6 months are going to be removed after May 1st. This leaves about 28 days to login which reactivates your account. A final email notification will be sent before inactive accounts are removed.

Are you interested in extra revenue for your website?

Please contact us at [email protected] as we are introducing a new revenue sharing plan to all of our top website partners. Get money back for streaming videos!

Cleaning up Invalid Content

In regards to invalid content. Over the years, a lot of content has been removed from our backend storage systems for various reasons. Within the next week invalid file records are going to be removed from our system and ultimately your file manager. This will help ensure the content seen in our file manager exists.

Improved DMCA Handling

This brings us to the next point. Sometimes content is removed from our system due to DMCA complaints. Previously, YourUpload had simply removed the content which did not give the website owner a notification of what was happening. We are fixing this! Beginning May 1st 2021. YourUpload is going to begin sending notifications with all DMCA content removals. These emails will be sent to the account email address on file. In addition to the notifications, content that is flagged for complaint is going to show as such in the Embed window as well as the file manager. This will give the account holder a chance to rectify the issue.

Additionally, accounts that abuse our system which is any use our our system that does not involve standard system use will be notified to the account holder. There will be a chance to rectify the issue before the account may be potentially disabled.

On and Up

There are going to be more changes coming to YourUpload this year and we hope to bring you only the best.

Thank you,

YourUpload Team

Version 4.0.0