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We want to support your development efforts against our platform in any way possible. If there is a feature missing here that you need get in touch and we will make it happen.

YourUpload API

Here are some basic documents on the YourUpload API that can be used

Public Calls


This API call will return a json response {url: url} that will contain a url that the user should be redirected to for them to pair. After pairing the user will either be sent to the URL mentioned in redirect, or the user will be sent to pair confirmation page and be asked to close their browser.


This call will return an object {resources: resources} where resources will be an object containing the different elements of the video along proper URLs for building the player, remember your implementation of the player or sending the use to these URLs directly will only work after the user has been paired.

More API calls coming

If there is something you need please contact us and let us know!

Version 4.0.0